Fujiwara Techno-Art’s Own R&D

For a Sustainable, Recycling-Oriented Society

Making fermentation production technology evolve

The fermentation production technology cultivated over our history of more than 80 years – 

is Fujiwara Techno-Art’s “DNA”.

We use the latest technology to reproduce brewing techniques that have been refined over the course of a thousand years and more amid the climate and landscape of Japan.

And we do it on a large scale, creating equipment that can operate unmanned – besides being exquisitely aesthetic.

As in the past, in the future too we will be making fermentation production technology evolve in areas where no-one has trodden.

It is to that end that we devote effort to R&D.

The issue for the 21st century is the environment

The world is about to undergo a major transformation from the fossil resource-consuming society of the 20th century to the sustainable, recycling-oriented society of the 21st.Fujiwara Techno-Art is confident that among the widely differing key technologies that will be needed for building the recycling-oriented society there are several that we can evolve and develop from our “DNA”.

The recycling-oriented society will be a social system that sustains and enriches our lives by utilizing resources that can be recycled on earth, without generating harmful substances and as far as possible without using energy.One of the main players in the recycling-oriented society will be the organic resources derived from plants and similar.Another will be microorganisms.These recyclable organic resources derived from plants and similar will be efficiently and energy-savingly converted by microorganisms into substances that enrich our lives.

In order to bring such a system into reality, a great deal of R&D still has to be done, and each of its outcomes will have to be rendered properly suitable for practical use.Fujiwara Techno-Art’s “DNA” is technology that produces fermented products in mass quantities from mass quantities of grain and other organic resources. It does this by controlling microorganisms, and the fermented products are ones that enrich our lives.We are confident that by evolving and developing this “DNA” we can contribute to building the sustainable recycling-oriented society of the 21st century.

In order to create safe and agreeable environments for the 21st century, Fujiwara Techno-Art is also proceeding with R&D in collaboration with universities and research organizations.

Providing new production technology to foodstuff manufacturing fields of various kinds

Fujiwara Techno-Art’s process engineering, plant engineering and system engineering are put together from numerous component technologies – including those for thermal processing of raw-material grain, control of microorganism cultivation/fermentation, solid-liquid separation, and sterilization.These component technologies are indispensable for the technology that produces the seasonings, processed foods, beverages and candy that enrich our eating lives.

In foodstuff manufacturing fields of various kinds, we provide as new technology the component technologies we have nurtured in the field of fermentation.In these foodstuff manufacturing fields, new production technology is evolved from Fujiwara Techno-Art’s R&D.The new production technology that is engendered by our R&D covers the dining tables of Japan and of the world with increased abundance and easefulness.

Fujiwara Techno-Art is a brewing machinery pioneer enterprise that broke the path to fully automated unmanned koji (rice mold) production for the brewing of soy sauce, miso, sake, shochu and similar. Our technological capability has won high appraisal ever since, to the point where our machines account for a roughly 80% share of the koji production capacity inside Japan.
With the global spread of Japanese food culture, we now export our products to more than 20 countries worldwide. Further, we have utilized our expertise built up in the field of brewing to develop machinery for filtering and powder sterilization. Striking out into the general foodstuff and bio industries, we are blazing trails to the affluent eating of the future with our outstanding plant engineering capabilities.