Fujiwara Techno-Art’s Mission

Our Mission

Using Fermentation as a Springboard

In 1998 with the 21st century fast approaching, our company was assailed by the major recession that stemmed from the Asian Currency Crisis.We considered moves such as diversifying our business lines or outsourcing all our fabrication operations, for the sake of survival. Despite those deliberations, our previous president took the decision to “go with fermentation alone”.So we completely moved out of the automated equipment for general industry that we were engaged in at the time, and readied ourselves for existence as a fermentation machinery manufacturer.

Fujiwara Techno-Art’s roots go back to Fujiwara Seisakusho, set up in 1933 by our founder Kenou Fujiwara.It was a small backstreet factory that started out making brewing machinery.We had to revisit those roots, resolutely map out paths ahead, and progressively open up those paths.We aimed to be a company that possessed unrivalled technological capabilities in the field of fermentation that you couldn’t find anywhere else you looked in Japan or in the world.

We have accumulated experience and expertise over a long history of more than 80 years since entering business. In addition, our technology has accomplished an astonishing evolution over that time, having been honed through responding to customers’ wishes.That technology is being applied to general foodstuffs and to fields other than food, so that the scope of our business is extending beyond the confines of fermentation and steadily spreading wider.

But it is not a case of striking out into fields completely unrelated to our own. Rather, this is an outward spread of our business that has developed from fermentation – as ever – at the core.Because fermentation is the starting point for everything we do.Fujiwara Techno-Art has an undivided commitment to going with fermentation – and that will never change.

Heightening Technology and Sensibility

Our company name “Techno-Art” combines the words “techno” – for technology – with “art”, signifying “sensibility”.Both of these are motive forces for our onward advance, and we believe that only when they are integrated like twin wheels on an axle can they fully yield their immense propulsive power.

“Technology” means simply what it says, but “sensibility” comprises a broad range of meanings for us.It means being like an antenna that picks up the signals of the zeitgeist, it means good taste that brings forth new trends, it means the strength to march straight on ahead.And at the center of it all, it means having "hearts" for doing our all for our customers.

Brewing has always been a matter of slowly and painstakingly expending a great deal of time and effort to create products.And because the brewer’s affection and powerful sentiment go into it, people find it highly inspirational.It’s similar with us – our equipment may look ungainly at first sight, but infused in it are our hard effort and all our many sentiments toward our customers, among which are gladness, discovery, and gratitude.

Delivering the best possible technology by doing our heartfelt all.Fujiwara Techno-Art will go on heightening its technology and sensibility in order to go on making ideal into reality for customers.

For All the World’s People to Join Together in Mutual Happiness

Since its founding, Fujiwara Techno-Art has mainly tackled making equipment for producing Japanese fermented foods such as soy sauce, miso, sake and shochu.As times have changed, Japanese fermentation technology has attracted attention overseas, and there are now many cases where Japanese fermented food producers have set up plants overseas for on-the-spot production. Consequently, we have had steadily increasing orders for exports of fermentation equipment and plants.

Since around the start of the 21st century, our external environment has been changing dramatically.As consciousness for safe and reassuring eating has risen overseas, Japanese food has enjoyed a global boom, and the fermented products that paved the way have also come to be a focus of attention.All this is so much following wind to swell Fujiwara Techno-Art’s sails, and we are continuously lengthening our track record overseas.

Today the arena of our activities spans more than 20 countries in four continents across the globe.That’s not just Japanese fermented foods. We also develop machinery and plants to handle production of the specially characteristic fermented foods of individual countries and fermented products other than food, offering a comprehensive technology export service that covers design, manufacture, installation and after-sales service.

With a vision of all the world’s people joining together in mutual happiness, Fujiwara Techno-Art delivers to locations all over the world the technology it has honed in the field of fermentation.

Bringing About a Society Filled with Inspiration

Our customers are mainly producers themselves – people who are “on the seller-side of things”.Of course, beyond them there are the numerous consumers who make up the buyer-side, and their existence has to be kept constantly in mind as we do our work.

We abide strictly by laws and regulations of all kinds – naturally – and in addition we do everything possible to ensure that the food will be safe and reassuring, and that adequate environmental measures are taken for plant surroundings.Then, we aim to heighten productivity and improve the quality of products made using our equipment.We believe that sharing the social responsibility for production activities with our customers lays the groundwork for successful execution of operations.

It is not physical power that moves human hearts.It is strong consideration for the people you interact with – heart-power – that will arouse emotion in them.We do our heartfelt all for our customers, who we meet in person. But besides that, as we do our work, we have in our mind’s eye the happiness of the people beyond them, their family circles, and their children’s smiling faces.Heartful technology is Fujiwara Techno-Art’s forte

Fujiwara Techno-Art is a brewing machinery pioneer enterprise that broke the path to fully automated unmanned koji (rice mold) production for the brewing of soy sauce, miso, sake, shochu and similar. Our technological capability has won high appraisal ever since, to the point where our machines account for a roughly 80% share of the koji production capacity inside Japan.
With the global spread of Japanese food culture, we now export our products to more than 20 countries worldwide. Further, we have utilized our expertise built up in the field of brewing to develop machinery for filtering and powder sterilization. Striking out into the general foodstuff and bio industries, we are blazing trails to the affluent eating of the future with our outstanding plant engineering capabilities.